Welcome to 
Smith Mountain Lake Airport
Call Us at 540-297-4859

                                               W91: $4.48/gallon, self service, 24/7

All of our hangars are full.  Call us if you want to be put on the wait list.

--T-Hangar $235/month with an annual lease.

--Box Hangar (48X60) $750/month with annual lease.


Airplane Tie-down and overnight stay:

    Daily rate is $15.

    Weekly rate is $50.

    Monthly rate is $100.

Salvage Aircraft Storage:

    Outside: $250/month, $40/day

    Hangar: $750/month, $110/day

Any aircraft that is not able to move & fly under its own power is considered to be a "Salvage aircraft".

Landing Fee:  $30 for all aircrafts over 5,500 lbs.

Car parking rate is $40/month.  Daily rate is $3.

Rental car $5/hour or $20/day.

Kayak $10/hour or $25/Day.